Being the owner of this website and a highly experienced finance professional, I understand the importance of connecting with people. Maintaining a healthy relationship with your readers is essential for growing the website.

I have to provide you with enough space for coming up with suggestions and constructive criticism.  Not only will it help me to understand my readers better but will also aid in developing the website to a better standard.  


    Here are a few other ways you can connect with me directly.

    By writing articles

    The best way to connect with me is to submit your original write-ups on the website. There is a specific section on the site that deals with materials provided by readers. My team of profound writers is more than capable of helping you in improving your writing skills.

    You also have the opportunity of having your name on one of the articles featured on the website.  Thus, the process will polish your financial knowledge but will also make you a published writer.

    Although, I will only be entertaining articles that are well written and free from plagiarism. The website is governed through various regulations and maintaining our quality is one of our first prospects.

    If you’re a little confused about what you might be able to write about to get your guest post published with America Weakly, I’ve put together a list of suggested topics below:

    • Debt advice
    • Personal loans
    • Mortgages
    • Payment Plans
    • Cryptocurrency
    • Investments
    • Business finances
    • Accountancy
    • ISAs
    • Funding
    • Taxes

    Through personal message

    I am open to receive direct messages from my readers 24×7. To keep it simple I have maintained a different division of the website that allows people to contact me directly.  I am overwhelmed by the number of messages I receive on a daily basis.

    My readers have been coming up with issues best kept private, and with problems surrounding the various aspect of the finance industry. As of now all of the messages are read and acknowledged by me, but my team would be handling most of them looking at the sheer amount of letters I am receiving.

    You can settle all your doubts regarding finance or can discuss personal problems related to your financial situation and goals.

    By following me on social media

    The easiest way to connect with me is through social media as you will be getting prompt replies and entertaining media at the same time.  Also, you will be able to meet many people looking forward to teaching and learn more about the world of finance.

    We often conduct debates and discussion about various topics and your involvement will undoubtedly make them better. Make sure that you like, follow and share my page on all social media platforms for building the community.

    By commenting

    You can also get in touch with my team and me by commenting on the articles and sharing your thoughts about its content, language, prospects and current implications. We welcome new ideas and suggestions for the betterment of the website.

    By using the channels as mentioned earlier, you can comfortably reach out to me. It will be an honor to talk to those people who are the reason for this site’s existence. You can also go through other articles for getting answers to your questions in a detailed fashion. We are waiting!