The cultivation of hemp plants was legalized in 2018 when the United States passed the farm Bill. It allowed the commercial use of hemp products across over 40 states in the United States. CBD and its related products are produced in various processes and types. There are different types of CBD products in the market, including full spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum CBD, and isolate CBD. This article explains some companies known for the best full spectrum CBD oil.

Full spectrum weed pen is among the dominant products obtained from the hemp plant. There are different hemp products and oils that an individual can acquire, including full spectrum CBD oil, broad spectrum CBD oil, and isolate CBD oil. The difference occurs in the composition of compounds extracted from the main plant. The full spectrum is also known as the whole plant because of its compounds. It is known to contain all the compounds within the main plant, including all the cannabinoids like CBN, CBB, CBG, THC, and CBD, among others. It also contains terpenes and flavonoids, which are known to give the plant its distinct aroma. The broad spectrum is like the full spectrum but does not contain THC, an intoxicating compound that makes one feel high on consumption. Both full-spectrum and broad-spectrum have an entourage effect when consumed. CBD isolate is a pure extract and contains only CBD. the oils are acquired by taking a specific extract like Full spectrum CBD extract and combining it with carrier oils to make CBD oil. The carrier oils help increase the bioavailability of one particular product.

10 Best Full Spectrum CBD Oil

The legalization of CBD led many individuals to adopt the consumption of CBD. Thus, the popularity of CBD and related products increased. The demand was high and led to many companies being established to increase the productivity of CBD products. CBD products come in various types, extracts, formulations, and consumption modes. CBD oil is one of the CBD products in the market and is well-adopted. When buying these products, individuals may need to do their research and select the highest quality product, such as this Award-winning CBD Oil UK, to ensure that they are receiving an authentic product without any potential for adulteration. In most cases, individuals prefer Full spectrum CBD oil as it is easily accessible at online stores and pharmacies. Nowadays, there are many companies that have been seen to produce different types of full-range CBD oil, which comes in different dosages, potency levels, concentrations, and sizes.

JustCBD Full Spectrum Oil

JustCBD is one of the leading CBD companies that dominate the United States CBD market. It is known for its quality products that are certified and organically manufactured. The Company is known to deal with various CBD products, and Full spectrum CBD oil is one of them. This CBD Sweets is prevalent among consumers because of the compounds it contains and the effects it results when consumed. JustCBD full spectrum CBD oil is one of the best products produced by the Company, with hemp organically sourced from Oregon and Colorado. The product is available in different sizes, from as low as 250mg to 3000mg of CBD contained in the product. It is the potency level that an individual considers when making a purchase. Consumers can access the full spectrum CBD oil from$9.99 to $144.99. one of the leading products in the market is the JustCBD full spectrum CBD oil which is available in a 3oml bottle of 1500mg. Wakshlag  et al (2020) stated that it contains a high concentration of other cannabinoids like CBN, CBG, CBDA, CBDV, and terpenes. Such components cause the full spectrum CBD oil to have a light brownish color and a strong earthy smell. Buy Full Spectrum CBD oil from JustCBD online store.

Pure Hemp Botanical Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Pure Hemp Botanical is among the most known and a high-quality, trusted hemp extract company that has been operational since 2015. Although the Company is known to deal with various CBD oil products and other CBD products, full spectrum CBD oil has become more common as a broader market adopts it than before. It is a result of the compound composition it contains. Gilbert & DiVerdi (2018) explained that the Company is keen on maintaining the market on their products and are seen to manufacture Full spectrum CBD oil in various sizes, formulation, flavors, and concentration. This help consumer to have a wider choice when it comes to choosing the product they need. The measures that one can acquire full spectrum CBD oil from Pure Hemp Botanicals are 750mg, 900mg, 1500mg, 2000mg, and 3000mg. They come in various flavors, but hemp’s natural smell is dominant, and individuals can still feel the earthy and grassy taste. Some flavors are peppermint, watermelon, and strawberry, among others. The ingredients are mostly naturally acquired, Vegan, non-GMO, and cruel-free to an individual. Products from Pure Hemp botanical are lab tested and contain no more than 0.3% THC levels. One of the Company’s leading full-spectrum CBD oils is the 750mg pure balance CBD oil full spectrum oil, the bestselling full spectrum CBD oil for the Company. Products are available for as low as $34.99 – $99.99. The Company produces full spectrum CBD oil for different purposes. Some are used to enhance sleep, help pain management, reduce inflammation, and for recreational purposes. Individuals can choose CBD oils deepening on the meaning of use they intend. Buy Full spectrum CBD oil from Pure hemp botanicals online store.

FAB CBD Full Spectrum CBD Oil

FAB CBD is among the best CBD companies in Europe, known for its variety and high-quality CBD products. Not only does the Company sell CBD full spectrum oil, it is also known to deal with a range of CBD oil products and tinctures. Consumers are comfortable with the Company because they can purchase various high-quality CBD products in one place. The products come in multiple flavors, types, sizes, and compositions to give consumers a broad scope to choose their products. The Full spectrum CBD oil from FAB CBD company is available in various sizes, from as low as 300mg to 2400mg. The products are packaged in a small black colored bottle and accompanied by a calibrated dropper. Evans (2020) stated that this bottle is black to prevent sunlight from reducing the quality of CBD infused in oils. The full spectrum CBD oil from FABCBD company comes in various flavors. Some individuals are not comfortable with the earthy and grassy taste of hemp. Some of the known flavors from the Company are citrus, mint, vanilla, berry, and natural flavor. Different sizes of the full spectrum CBD Oil are priced differently. Products are bought for as low as $20.00. a person can purchase 300mg Full Spectrum CBD oil from FAB CBD at $39.00, coming in 4 strengths, with five different flavors and 60 servings. Only organic MCT oils are used in flavoring. Some ingredients are full spectrum CBD extract, fractionated coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, and natural oils. Buy 300mg Full spectrum CBD oil from the FAB CBD online store.

Krush Organics Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Krush Organic is a CBD company known for its array of CBD products. One of the leading CBD oil products from the Company is the Krush Organics platinum CBD oil which is in the full spectrum CBD oil category. The full spectrum CBD oil products from the Company are known to retain and contain all the cannabinoids created naturally by the cannabis plant. Goldsmith et al (2015) explained that individuals have largely accommodated various CBD oil products from the Company as they are nutritional and affordable. The full spectrum CBD oil from Krush Organic contains CBD, CBG, THC, terpenes, and flavonoids. One of the Company’s leading full-spectrum CBD oils is the full spectrum CBD Oil-Krush platinum. The product is among the best-selling CBD products from the Company and is priced at $200.00. the product can be used both n the morning and evening as a Morning Krush and a Krush night to help one relax. Products from Krush organics are 100% organic. Individuals can access the Krush platinum in a 1500mg Full spectrum hemp extract. Other products from Krush organics are the Krush night two stack at $290.00, Krush diamond broad spectrum three stacks at $820.00, and platinum two stack CBD oil at $365.00. Products are found in various flavors and sizes to help accommodate the choices and preferences of consumers. Buy Full Spectrum CBD oil-Krush Platinum from Krush Organics online store.

Evolution CBD Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Evolution CBD is a CBD company that deals with high-end CBD products. Full spectrum CBD oil is among the best-selling products from the Company because it is not expensive to extract and market because of the many compounds contained. They are popular because they are easy to use and can be consumed from under the tongue. The Company is known to sell high-quality full spectrum CBD oils that are water soluble, and individuals are also guaranteed 100% money back satisfaction when the products are purchased online. Some of the leading full spectrum CBD oils from Evolution CBD are Evolution CBD extra strength water soluble THC free CBD oil, Evolution Water Soluble full spectrum Hemp oils, and Evolution water soluble hemp oil THC free. The products are among the top-selling full-spectrum CBD oils, priced at $89.99, $14.99, and $14.99, respectively. It gives an individual a comprehensive option on the type of full spectrum CBD they need to purchase depending on the compound composition and price. Chadha et al (2014) explained that the Company sources its top-quality hemp from Colorado, extracts its products through ethanol hemp extraction, and uses nanotechnology. The products are formulated in different flavors, including cherry limeade, hemp, grape, and pina colada, making it easy for individuals to choose the products they want. The strength of products ranges from 150mg to around 1000mg depending on the product one is purchasing. Some ingredients used to manufacture full spectrum CBD oil are CBD and terpene-rich hemp oil concentrate. Buy Evolution water soluble full spectrum hemp oil in 5ml at Evolution CBD online platform.

Palm Organix Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Palm Organix is a CBD company known for the production of high quality. Lab-tested hemp is naturally extracted with effective results. Individuals can make the purchase products like Full spectrum CBD oil from the Company and get free shipping services from the Company. The product is among the top-selling products from the Company as it is known to help relieve some health conditions, revive one’s mood, relax an individual and provide a better resting mood. Palm Organix produces a full spectrum of different types, sizes, and potencies. Some of the Company’s well-known flavors that individuals can access are orange, peppermint, and mint, among others. Nishku (2020) explained that the flavors prevent individuals from feeling the hemp plant’s earthy and grassy taste. The prices differed from one product to the other depending on the sizes; some were expensive while others were affordable. One can make a purchase of full spectrum CBD oil at $52.95. the measures in the Company’s shopping platform vary from 250mg to 2500mg of full-range CBD. Buy Full spectrum CBD oil from Palm Organix online platform.

Glee CBD Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Glee CBD Is one of the largest CBD companies in the United States and is known for its feel-good and tasty products. The Company produces clean, tasty CBD products that leave an individual with a better experience. With the various products being manufactured, full spectrum CBD oil is among the trendy and bestselling products because of its abilities and compound composition. As a large and reputable company, Glee CBD does not produce products with more than 0.3% THC levels. Full spectrum CBD oil comes in various sizes and potencies per an individual’s desire. There are 500mg, 1000mg, 1500mg, 2000mg, 2500, 3000mg, 5000mg and 7000mg of CBD contained within small full spectrum CBD oil bottles. The wider potency helps one choose what suits them without many problems. Also, the products come in different flavors, including unflavored, chocolate, mint, and mixed berry. Consumers have the option of choosing products containing THC or not. One of the best-selling CBD oils from Glee CBD is the 1000mg full spectrum CBD oil that is priced at $69.00 with 33mg CBD and a 1ml dropper. McKernan et al (2016) explained that the product has undergone the 3rd party laboratory testing and is sourced from organically grown hemp from Colorado and infused with certified MCT oil and hemp-derived Phyto cannabinoid oil. Individuals can access all the full spectrum CBD oil products but at different prices due to different potency and concentration. Buy 1000mg Full spectrum CBD oil from Glee CBD online store.

Joy Organic Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Joy Organic is one of the CBD companies known to provide premium CBD products to their customers. The Company has worked for a while and has been seen to use some of the finest ingredients to craft better formulas for its products. One of the top products from Joy Organic is the full spectrum CBD Oil. It is among the best-selling CBD products from the Company and comes in various sizes, potency, and concentrations. Full spectrum CBD oil from Joy Organic is of high quality, 3rd party tested, sourced from organically grown hemp from Colorado, which is of premium grade and can be shipped to customers’ destination if the product is over $50. King & Council (2014) stated that the Company aims to change the general CBD industry through radical transparency and dealing with high-quality hemp oil products. Some of the full spectrum CBD oil from Joy Organic CBD company are fresh lime organic full spectrum CBD oil with THC, Tropical sunrise organic full spectrum CBD oil, and unflavored organic full spectrum CBD oil, among others. Individuals can choose from the Full spectrum of CBD oil which comes in various flavors. Some available flavors include; fresh lime, tranquil mint, orange bliss, unflavored, summer lemon, and tropical sunrise, among others. One of the best-selling Full spectrum CBD oils from Joy Organic CBD company is the unflavored organic full spectrum CBD oil priced at $55.96. it comes in different strengths like 30mg serving per 900mg bottle, 45mg per serving on a 1350mg bottle, and 75mg per serving on a 2250 mg bottle. Buy the unflavored organic Full spectrum CBD oil from Joy Organic CBD company.

Leaf Remedy’s Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Leaf Remedy CBD company is one stop individuals should visit when purchasing CBD products. Individuals can find the best CBD products for any personal need, whether for mood change, improved life quality, and management of pain and anxiety. The Company offers products of the highest quality, allowing it to compete with other top-quality companies within the CBD market. Individuals can purchase full spectrum CBD oil in Vegan and US-sourced hemp. The products are gluten-free, lab-tested, and safe for consumption. Some ingredients used are MCT oil, hemp extract, and some natural flavors, and the products do not contain any food additives or fillers. The flavors used are natural and mint alone to help mask the earthy and grassy taste of full spectrum CBD oil. The full range of CBD is available in different strengths, such as 500mg, 1000mg, 2000mg, and 3000mg. Buy the 30ml Full spectrum CBD oil from Leaf Remedy’s online store.

Kanibi Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Kanibi CBD company is a large and growing company that is known for its quality CBD products. All the products from the Company have sourced from Colorado-grown hemp. The full spectrum CBD oil contains full spectrum extract that helps in maximizing the entourage effect when consumed. They are mixed with MCT oil as the leading carrier oil that enhances the efficiency of the product. The full spectrum CBD oil is available in five flavors: skittle, peppermint, lemon-lime, Choco mint, cinnamon, and unflavored. The product comes in two potencies which are 1500mg and 750mg of Full Spectrum CBD depending on an individual choice. Individuals can purchase the Company’s online platform. The 1500mg Kanibi full spectrum CBD oil is priced at $129.00, and the 750mg Full spectrum CBD oil is at $69.00. an Individual can purchase the Full range of CBD oil from the Kanibi online store.


Full spectrum CBD oil is gaining popularity because of the compounds composed and the claims it gets from various consumers. Because of its many components, it has an entourage effect where the combination combines to work synergically. When consumed, it makes one high because THC is present. Consumers can purchase the product from various CBD companies of their choice. One should be keen when purchasing as most of the products from CBD are unregulated.


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