Finance is the art and science of getting money to its best possible use. It involves the application of principles to determine how money will be spent. It is used to manage money. The field is vast and includes many different subparts such as savings and investment, business, lending, and financial planning. All of these areas deal with different aspects of finance. There are also many different styles of finance that are not included in any of the subparts.

When looking at finance one needs to understand three main things. First, there is the financial service or financial goods sector. In this sector, finance includes all of the various financial services that deal with money. For instance, it includes investment advice, retirement plans, debt consolidation, mortgage and credit counseling, financial planning and financial management, and so on. The financial services sector is highly competitive because all businesses require finance.

The second area of finance that needs to be understood is the financial system. In this part of finance, people study the various systems in place in order to evaluate how they will be able to collect and disburse the revenue that they need to operate a business. Three main parts of the financial systems are the financial markets, the financial systems of the governments, and the financial systems of organizations.

There are three main types of careers in finance. One of the three main types of careers in finance is cash flow finance. Cash flow is a broad field that includes a wide range of subcategories such as foreign exchange and cross margin trading. There are also subcategories in which cash flow is considered to include solely in equities, commodities, precious metals, and a few others. Many different types of businesses use finance as a core business activity.

Public finance refers to governmental organizations and other non-profit organizations. A large portion of the activities that are performed by public finance groups deal with debt and its management. Many types of non-profit organizations also choose to utilize public finance in order to improve their financial performance.

Management of money is the third area of finance that is important for career prospects in finance. A number of companies rely on accountants as representatives of the company in regards to finance. Accountants are responsible for managing money through transactions in the company, utilizing internal accounting methods and reporting directly to the company in regard to finance matters. Other career paths in finance may also involve working as representatives for individual lenders, developing financial models and risk management, developing and maintaining financial plans, analyzing the risks involved in certain areas, developing methods of reducing financial risk, and evaluating and implementing financial systems.

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